Critter Watch of The Woodlands, provides a variety of services, such as:
    * Turn Lights on/off
    * Take out trash
    * Pick up paper/mail   
    * Feeding
    * Medication administering
    * Walking
    * Daily exercising for pets whose owners work late
    * Playing
    * Brushing
    * Litter box maintenance
    * Arranging for emergency medical treatment
    * Lots of petting and kisses
    * Pet mess clean up

In order for Critterwatch of The Woodlands to provide the best possible service for you, please note the following:

Pets Vaccines

It is imperative that all pets be up-to-date on vaccinations and sign the Vet release form at the time of contract signing. Critterwatch of The Woodlands cannot provide service for aggressive animals, those with a history of nipping, biting, or pets whose vaccinations are not current. This is for the safety of the pet sitter and for the safety of the other animals we care for. All pets should have collars with identification tags while in our care. Critterwatch of The Woodlands welcomes disabled pets and/or those needing extra special care.


We watch the weather very closely in this business. Thunder and lightning; we won’t walk dogs but will take them out briefly for a potty break. If your pet has any issues with thunder, please let us know so we can make them as comfortable as possible. Dog walking in extremely hot weather; we are very sensitive to your pet’s feet. If the sitter feels the weather is too extreme for a long dog walk, we will give your pet a short walk or potty break and play time indoors. 

Back-up Sitter

In the event of injury, illness, or other type of unavailability of your assigned pet sitter, another  sitter will be assigned.


During the initial consultation you'll give a working set of keys to your sitter.  We are not responsible for keys mailed and don't recommend it. Your key will be returned in person.  A fee of $5 will be added to every visit for clients that do not choose for us to store their key.  


All reservations or changes to reservations must be made either through the website, email critterwatch1@gmail.com or telephone 713-545-5871.  Please book as far ahead as possible to ensure we can provide service on the dates requested, especially for nationally recognized holidays.

When you receive your email confirmation from us - your reservation is booked and confirmed.

Before You Leave

Please leave a note for your pet sitter with specific instructions related to the current visit. While we have the instructions in our files from the original consultation, things may have changed slightly from the previous visit. Please advise us if there are any alarm code changes before you leave. Make sure we have up-to-date emergency contact info in the case any questions or issues that arise while you are away. Please leave medications, special treats, disposal bags where we can easily see them.


Payment is required at the time of reservation for jobs longer then 3 days.  This will secure your visits. You will be given a confirmation/invoice which will detail the upcoming visits and the amount due. You may pay by check, cash or online.  For mid-day clients, we email your invoice at the end of the month.